FAQ Form for support request or job request: Hi there, Thank you for contacting me with your support request. Please note you can get free support for Mautic Self-Hosted on the mautic.org forums. If you are looking for paid support: My fee is $46/hour, I can’t say how much time your issue would take until I isolate the problem and dig a bit into it. But I can give you an estimate if you answer the following questions. It is perfectly OK if you don’t know the answers, these are questions for System Administrators, just answer the ones you do know, and ignore the rest. Some questions to guestimate the cost of solving your issue: – Who installed Mautic for you? (Yourself? Someone else?) – Are you or the person who installed Mautic for you qualified System Administrator? – Is your Mautic instance on a VPS or shared hosting? – Can you provide me with SSH access to your server? – Do you use a VPN on the server’s network? – Do you Use a proxy on the server’s network? What are the components of your stack? – OS (ubuntu, CentOS, Debian) – HTTP Server (NginX, Apache) – Database ( Maria, MySQL, Percona) – Which version of Mautic do you use on the instance with the problem? – Which version of PHP are you running? – Cloud Provider (AWS, GCE, Azure, Digital Ocean) Are you getting any error in your logs? – Mautic logs. – HTTP Logs. – PHP Logs – MySQL Logs Thank you for your time, I will get back to you ASAP.

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